Outreach Program:

We travel throughout Nevada and parts of California to connect with anyone working in strip clubs, streets, casinos, porn conventions or any place where sex is sold. We restore value to the victims by bringing gifts, flowers and treats, and by celebrating their birthdays.

By building relationship with communities and community leaders, we bring awareness concerning the methods and tactics of traffickers, and educate the people to protect themselves and the vulnerable in their community. We also connect service providers with victims who need their care. We want victims to know that they are valuable and worthy to be treated with kindness and respect.

Awareness Program:

Bring awareness by using technology to create an impactful and informative video blog (Vlog). Design factual materials and brochures for distribution. We use various media platforms and events to expose the realities of human trafficking and its connections to the sex industry. We want the public to be educated and empowered to mobilize their communities to stand against sexual exploitation.

We aspire to bring unity and inspire all spheres of society to come together for this common cause. Business professionals, government, police, attorneys, families, teachers, youths, churches, hotels, casinos — everyone has a role to play.