Stand 4 Justice Movement  //  A Non-Profit Organization Based in Nevada

Our Mission:

Stand 4 justice exists to inspire and lead a movement of committed people around the world who will stand against sexual exploitation, expose the lies of the sex industry and reach out to anyone trapped in it.

Our Vision :

We envision a world in which traffickers will no longer be able to capitalize on our ignorance to exploit the most vulnerable in our society. By using multi media platforms and events we expose the realities of human trafficking and its connections to the sex industry.

We bring unity, and inspire all spheres of society to come together for this common cause. Everyone has a role to play.

Through outreach we bring hope to those who are trapped in a life of exploitation, exposing the lies of the sex industry and bridging the gap between victims and service providers.

Stand 4 Justice - Join the Movement - End Human Trafficking.